The Present Amet Haveli Was built during the rule of Maharana Jagat Singh Ji -2nd of Udaipur between 1734-1752 A.D. He was the builder of the famous Jag Niwas which is presently known as Lake Palace. All the stone work and raw materials for the construction of Lake Palace were ferried from the open land situated next to present day AMET HAVELI. During that time the Jagirdar of Sadargarh was the head of the construction work for the Mewar state. Under his watchful eyes he constructed the Jag Niwas island palace for the Maharana of Mewar.

After the successful completion of Jag Niwas a lot of stone and raw materials were left at the present day Haveli. So, with the permission and finances of the Maharana, the Jagirdar of Sardargarh constructed the AMET HAVELI. He was the pioneer and artictact of the BADI MAHAL (A Garden palace) which he built in Jag Niwas. The Maharana was so much impressed by this architectural marvel that he ordered him to build the BADI MAHAL at the present AMET HAVELI and his Palace (City palace of Udaipur) also.

The Haveli was granted to Rawat Madho Singh Ji of Amet Son of Maan Singh Ji around 1780 A.D. The thikana of Amet is situated 100 kms. in the north east of Udaipur on the river Chandarabhaga. This thikana (noble territory) is of supreme Historic importance in Mewar, The origin of the Amet family can be traced down from Chunda Ji. He was the eldest son "The heir - apparent" of Rana Lakha of Chittor, Mewar. He abandoned the throne of Mewar state in favor of his young step brother Mokal Ji. For this great sacrifice he is referred in folklore and history as Bhishma Pitamaha of Mewar. As he kept and fulfilled the promise which he made to his Father. He served the Mewar state unselfishly till his last breath

During the period of Rawat Shivnath Singh of Amet Raja Ravi Verma, the famous painter of Travancore state, Stayed at AMET HAVELI at the invitation of Maharana Fateh Singh Ji to Paint the portrait of Maharana Pratap and the other rulers of Mewar. The famous face of Maharana Pratap as we see today was painted in the BADI MAHAL of AMET HAVELI. Rawat Shivnath Singh of Amet Also attended the famous Delhi Darbar of 1911 With Maharana Fateh Singh Ji from which he finally absented.

The hotel has 20 Rooms each room is comfortably elegant, with attached bathrooms fitted with modern amenities. All restorations and alterations on the Mahal were carried out, bearing in mind the old architectural style of the building. The idea was to offer the weary traveller, the comforts of today with an ambience of the past and the decor reflects the Rajput era.