The history of the house of Pachar goes back to the Surya dynasty's 67 decency when RAJA KUSHA was born. He was the younger son of Lord Rama. Of the same dynasty THAKUR BHIM SINGH JI was awarded the Jageer of Pachar during the year 1702.

The foundation of Castle of Pachar was laid Thakur Guman Singh during the year 1725. Later on one of his descendants Thakur Gopal Singh felt the necessity of a separate 'Kacheri' (court) and started its construction during 1830 which was continued by his son Thakur Kalyan Singh who added two mahals [ Royal apartments ] into Castle Pachar but due to his untimely death the task was left incomplete. Years later in 1930,Late Thakur Ganpat Singh converted the Kachery complex into "RAWLA" [ladies quarters] for their residential purpose. As the time changed, his two sons, Thakur Shiv Nath Singh and Thakur Surendra Singh, have now opened the Rawla into a heritage hotel since 1994 known as "CASTLE PACHAR".

The Rang Mahal is the main attraction of the Castle Pachar, colourfully decorated with family portraits, paintings, arms and comfortable furniture. This is one place the guest will never tire of. It is a three tier affair, the large hall, the elevated sitout and a further elevated portion that houses family temple. The pillars add a distinct charm.

PACHAR is located in the most colorful and historical Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. The Castle is set admist a picturesque, calm and peaceful surroundings in a pollution free atmosphere engulfed with greenery. Jaipur, the pink city is a short distance of 85 kms. From the "Desert citadel" which can be covered in only 2 hrs. by road.