Only in the early 19th century under Rawal Berisal did the castle begin to take on the grandeur for which One of the earlier Thakurs of Bissau Shyam Singh was an outstanding if somewhat unconventional ruler - An Englishman who visited his court in 1808 had this to say "At his palace I saw four Shekhawat Chief's and cousins - they were plain men, and seemed to be living in great harmony. While some of the others bore strong marks of the effect of opium especially noticeable in their eyes, one of them Shyam Singh seemed remarkably mild and well mannered but scarcely had I crossed the desert when I heard that Shyam Singh had murdered the three others at a feast, stabbing the first with his own hand". This story may or may not be authentic but is quite typical of times and conditions prevailing in that particular era.